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1 Saveliev, P., Pahwa, A., “A Topological Approach to Cell Counting”, BioImage Informatics; Workshop, UCSB, January 2008. Download Abstract: PDF

Download Paper: PDF
2 Meyer, J., Pahwa, A., “A Novel Method for Efficient Archiving and Retrieval of Biomedical Images using MPEG-7,” SPIE conference, October 2004. Download
3 Pahwa, A., Godfrey, S., “Content Search and Extraction via MPEG-7″, NAB Conf. Proceedings, April 2004. Download
4 Pahwa, Ash, “Homogeneous Computer Cluster Models”, ACM Computer Science Conference, Kansas City, Feb. 1980 (M.S. Thesis). Download
5 Pahwa, Ash, Arora, A.K., “Automatic Database Navigation: Towards a High Level User Interface”, 4th International Conference on Entity-Relationship Approach, October 1985, Chicago (Ph.D. Thesis). Download
6 Wrote several columns entitled “The CD-R Writer” in the e-media Professional” (formerly CD-ROM Professional) magazine from November 1994 – October 1995. Download
7 Listed in “Who’s who in Frontier of Science and Technology.” Download